Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyers Role and His Responsibilities to His Clients Understanding roles and responsibilities

Criminal Defence lawyers are the most talked about attorneys and are constantly under media gaze for their every action and the cases they take up. Criminal defence law is considered as a very complicated subject to deal with and hence the experts of this law are highly respected but also subjected to harsh criticisms at times. A good Toronto criminal defence lawyer understands that besides this attention and public scrutiny he has a more important task to fulfil. Also it is imperative for every citizen to know the Toronto criminal defence lawyers Role and His Responsibilities to His Clients.

Criminal defence law is very wide and covers cases from simple theft to murder and assault. As the scope is wide, so is the role and responsibility of a defence attorney. Criminal Defence Lawyers see to it that their client is undergoing a fair trial and if at all he receives any punishment then the attorney is able to urge the judge to bring down the duration. This job involves high risk and also comes with certain challenges as even the slightest mistake can put an innocent behind the bars or acquit a criminal.


Defending an accused person is a sensitive job and law firms constantly deal with such challenges. There is involvement of money, time, people, strategy, brainstorming and other factors to prepare a case and present it in the court. A defence lawyer has the responsibilities such as interviewing the witness, preparing points and questions, reviewing the police file, filing relevant motion in the court, entering into negotiation with the other party if possible and so on. Also the Criminal defence law firms are under constant pressure from the media and society to leave the side of acquitted but attorneys and the law of the land believes that a person cannot be said to be a criminal, unless his crime is not proved. However, society thinks very differently and emotionally rather on facts. Therefore at times attorney face the ire of the public if they take up the case of certain convicts.

Also it is the prime duty of the attorney to present the case before the judge and the jury so convincingly that their client wins the case.

Role of Defence Lawyer

  • Criminal Defence law firms take up the case of a client not just for the sake of representing him but also getting him acquitted.
  • A defence attorney is the person who represents the accused in front of Judge.
  • It is the responsibility of the lawyer to counsel the client and make him stand strong during the procedure.

To sum up we can say that Law firms are trusted with the role of representing the client and form an integral part in the justice system of the land.


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