The Concept of Halal Certification

Different types of people live in the world. They have different traditions and values. They follow different religions and live within the limitations set by religious laws. There are many countries where cosmopolitan societies exist and they exist on the principles of peace, harmony, acceptance, and positive values. In order for them to succeed in the real world, cosmopolitan societies devise rules and regulations so that people find no harm in interacting with others and have business with them.

Halal advisory is one of these principles which ensures, Muslims residing in a particular place can live with their religious freedom and peace. You must have heard the word, “Halal” on quite a few places. many restaurants have this words highlighted to attract Muslims, so that they can easily come and order their meals. In Canada as well, you can find companies with halal certification, making it easier for the Muslims to purchase meat and order for food. One the halal certification service is which evaluates businesses and certify them for halal products.

The Concept of Halal

The concept of Halal is derived from Muslims’ religious book – the Holy Qur’an which is considered as the ultimate source of rules and regulations to spend life. Apart from the holy books, there are teachings of the Propher Muhammad (peace be upon Him) in the form of “Ahadis” that are being considered in determining what’s right and what’s not right for the Muslims.

According to the rules and guidelines of Islam, things have been characterized into two major sections; ‘Haram’ or ‘Halal’.

  • The word ‘haram’ indicates that a particular product, service or thing is strictly prohibited and the followers of this religion should refrain from it as Muslims.
  • The word ‘Halal’ is an indication that a particular product or thing is allowed and the followers can use it to satisfy their needs.

Why Muslims are prohibited from using particular things

There has been a lot of debate over centuries as to why certain products or services are considered as Haram or Halal. The answer may not satisfy the masses, but everything mentioned in the Holy Book or said by Propher Muhammad (PBUH) was for a reason.

Alcohol is considered as Haram because it is dangerous for health. Today, you can see how developed countries pay attention to the use of alcohols, specially while driving. In fact, nutritionists and food technologists have also indicated that alcohol drinks are unnatural and they cause long lasting damages to the health. Therefore, Muslims have been foretold not to abuse their health and lives with this item.

There are many other examples of products and services that are being prohibited on purpose. This is the reason why the concept of halal certification agency Canada was introduced in the country.

If you’re producing fresh meat of farm animals like camels, goats, cows and sheep, and they’re being cut according to Islamic rules, you can apply can consult with Halal Advisory Canada and get halal certification.


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