Magic stick–a stick that makes your TV smarter

Magic stick is a TV Stick that converts your television into a computer screen. It magically transforms into a smart gadget without spending too much. The so called PC on stick is suitable for any:

  • Monitor
  • Projector
  • TVs

This is a great product to remove extra gadget (and budget) try especially when you want to make use of your television. Simply plug it into your HDMI port and you are all set.

The stick works as a handy computer and you can make any TV your Android Mini Pc or Windows mini pc. It’s portable and you don’t need to carry heavy laptop because it’s no longer necessary. Put aside your bulky laptop at home and carry the MagicStick to a meeting as you do your presentation.

What’s great about the MagicStick is that it doesn’t require an extra space in your house. You already have a washing machine, a pack of sound system, an oven, a fridge, etc. You don’t need to add up another item in your householed. MagicStick requires less space that you may not even feel its presence because simply by plugging it to your TV, you don’t need to allocate another minicomputer in the room.

MagicStick is affordable

In case you haven’t known it yet. MagicStick is by far, the most affordable mini pc you could ever purchase. Without any quality reduction, it has loads of features that comes in a pocket size.

A computer with IOT

Control your PC anytime through your phone or TV. This system allows you to transfer data from your smart phone to your intel mini PC. The cable data offers a speedy transfer as you copy your important files. An ultra fast speed with over 10 Gbps of data transfer – that should be a time-effective technology that eases your busy schedules. Nothing is more comforting than knowing you can transfer any kind of data at a blazing speed! Moreover, Magic Stick works as an electronic storage that can store files safely.

This intel stick can be switched between device or computer mode through your mobile phone. Everything can be done remotely!

MagicStick can also be installed with Android. Hence if you like to download an app or a recently-developed games, you can rely on the power of Android Stick. You can now enjoy android apps on your computer.


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