Turn sun radiation to energy with Cyprus solar heating

In an island as sunny as Cyprus, getting a cyprus sun heating doesn’t only save a lot of cost but also bring many benefits to your home.

Cyprus solar heating is highly favored due to its economic benefits especially for domestic purpose such as heating water during the winter. In fact, the sunlight gives adequate power supply during cold season to heat the entire house. This is another reason why Cyprus solar heating services are highly demanded.

Cyprus solar heating services benefits

Cyprus solar heating has no chemical property so it’s free from corrosion. The Cyprus sun heating is also wind resistance that comes with five years guarantee.

When opting solar heating from Cyprus sun heating, an excellent insulator of vacuum is used because it does not heat the outer surface of the tube. Hence, the component is absolutely cold to the touch. It also works well in cold days without worrying about heat loss.

This vacuum tube is made of two concentric glass tubes and these are components that can absorb solar energy. The system can result in high level of vacuum due to the air in the gap.

The products you might be interested in

  • Heat pipe collector

Heat pipe collector uses advanced technology to prevent any pipe breakage during the winter.

  • Low pressure solar water heater

This Cyprus solar heating uses all glass solar collector tubes. It has a high level of vacuum to clear out the tube and emit the heat – resulting a natural circulation of heat for the water in tank.

  • Solar station

The solar station has keys and timer for convenient switch. It is easy and safer with on and off switch that uses a single key.

  • Split pressurized water tank

Cyprus sun heating uses pressurized water tank to keep the water temperature consistent at different level with an instant result. The split tank allows the hot and cold water to be separated and is backed with electrical system that heats up your water in case the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Compact water heater

A stainless component that takes advantage of water pressure from the tap – It produces hot water immediately without any limitation because it isn’t affected by the water volume inside the tank.

Balcony, roof or fireplace, these solar systems can be installed in almost any parts of your house.


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