Some top range finders

For many decades Golf range finders have been around since 2006 and now when they became officially authorized for tournament play (under local regulation) golfers from all over the globe have been turning to these tools to assist them gain that cutthroat edge on the course.

Over the last couple of years with elating new progressions in technology, golf range finders have turn out to be even more powerful and few of the top golf rangefinders are now so amazingly accurate and fast that there doesn’t seem to be much more space for upgrading.

Golf range finders are invented to enhance your golf game by offering correct distance readings for objects on the course. To target an object they use an eye safe laser and then calculate the time it takes for the laser to glance off the object and go back to the rangefinder. There are a lot of unique models with different features and quality levels available in the market. The top 5 laser rangefinders are as follows.

The best laser rangefinder from one of the world finest optical device producers is Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 Tournament. The range readings from 5 to 1,500 yards at an accurateness of + or – one yard is offered by 1500 tournament edition.

For viewing your target the Pinseeker 1500 has a 7x magnification monocular. This is one of the maximum enlargement levels available.

This rangefinder has Bushnell’s original PinSeeker technology which allows easy targeting of the flag whereas preventing the likelihood of capturing background targets. While more than one object is targeted the closer will be read.

This is a vital aspect, as getting an exact lock on the flagstick from longer yardages is one of the most difficult functions of a laser rangefinder.

Exactly similar to the 1500 tournament edition is the PinSeeker 1500 Slope edition with the exemption of the additional slope functionality.

“Slope” allow you to determine distances with unique compensation for downhill or uphill targets. In club selection this can make a huge difference and use of a slope edition laser rangefinder can let you to dial in much more correctly than a usual rangefinder.

But, ensure that you are informed that any scores shot with the PinSeeker 1500 Slope edition rangefinder can’t be used for handicap purposes, and it will not be permissible in any tournament play.

The top of the market rangefinder Callaway Rangefinder LR1200 was invented by two big sporting firms. To make sure an exact yardage tool, Callaway has authorized the optical technology for this laser rangefinder from Nikon.


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